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A closer look at commercial interior recycling

Construction and demolition debris recycling is tracked using a weight based formula and uses a “facility average” computation to arrive at their recycling percentage. This reporting and verification method is designed for cities and counties to verify total diversion for their area, but is useless on a job by job basis. Standard facilities recycle the heavy, profitable materials from residential demolition, commercial structure demolition, and road and parking lot work.

When these facilities accept materials from commercial interior projects they hide the lack of diversion of these materials that weigh very little, have very little commercial value, and are much more toxic to the environment. Because the recycling calculations are weight based these facilities can landfill these materials and still reach their mandated recycling rate.

IRS Demo is committed to the education of the commercial interior community. With regular tours of our award winning recycling facility and educational seminars given to local and international audiences, IRS Demo is educating people about true diversion and environmental stewardship.


Recycling rates are computed with a simple formula. Take the total tonnage of debris that comes into a facility, subtract the tonnage that is sent to the landfill, and everything else is “recycled”. This method is weight based and as such does not give any accounting for the materials that are actually kept out of the landfill.

The heaviest most profitable materials are always recycled, making a high diversion rate at traditional facilities fairly easy to achieve. Concrete, asphalt, dimensional lumber from wood framed buildings, steel girders, copper pipe, copper wire, aluminum door and window frames, this is all captured, cleaned, and sold. Wood, concrete, asphalt, and metals make up roughly 76% of all incoming debris at a traditional facility, so simply recycling these materials satisfy the State and City mandates, the end products are sold, and there is no reason to divert other materials.

Commercial interior debris has a completely different ratio of materials. Gypsum drywall makes up 27% by weight of all interior demolition debris. If a traditional facility is not sorting and recycling just this one material, they are not achieving an actual 75% diversion for the commercial interior project. Just one commodity is enough to change the balance of the recycling paradigm.

Construction and Demolition Recycling Inc. was created to prove that actual, verifiable diversion in excess of the State and Local mandates was possible, even if the incoming material was largely comprised of materials that standard facilities do not recover.

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