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GOOD SHEPHERD SHELTER is a transitional shelter for women and their children who are fleeing domestic violence and are determined to stop this destructive cycle in their lives. It was the first domestic violence shelter in Los Angeles and was founded by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd who have been serving families in crisis in Los Angeles since 1904. The Shelter provides a safe, nurturing environment in which mothers and their children can heal, re-bond as a family, re-awaken their dignity and rebuild their lives. It is unique in that it is the only shelter with separate family apartment units, schooling for the children, an Adult Learning Center for the mothers, and therapeutic services—all on site. Through these opportunities, the mothers and children are able to dream—perhaps for the first time—of a life that is safe and successful. And, they are offered the tools and the individualized support they need to create a future for themselves that is peaceful and productive.


  • Bulletin Boards
  • Adjustable Computer Desks
  • Office desks
  • Tables
  • Framed Pictures for walls
  • Files
  • Park-like trash receptacles
  • Shelves
  • Counseling room furniture
  • Room dividers
  • Small Office refrigerator


"The first time we came, we THOUGHT we were just coming for bulletin boards but the computers desks were a major find! These computer desks are a DREAM! They are adjustable in height for each mom and match the room perfectly!" More recently, we have been able to furnish both offices and counseling rooms, making them look professional, warm and inviting, which is so important for the mothers and children as we want to reawaken their self-worth and rebuild their confidence. We want to give these brave mothers and children the best, because they deserve it, and the only way we are able to do it is through the generosity of IRS Demo!! IRS Demo is the BEST!!!! We appreciate your generosity so much and, even more so, the warm welcome, flexibility, accommodation and helpfulness that we receive each time we come! You all are TRULY OUTSTANDING!! You are impressively outstanding in the field of recycling and impressively outstanding in ALL that you are and do!!! May you be as blessed as you have blessed so many!!





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